Seeing language.

With this new sign language-based video guide, the Tyrolean State Museums make the "Tyrol Panorama and Kaiserjägermuseum" accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Due to the regional differences in sign language, the video guide is both in ÖGS (Austrian Sign) and IS (International Sign). In a tour that lasts approximately 90 minutes, visitors are guided through the 42 stations. The straight-forward selection of the numbers for each station makes the handy guide easy to navigate. In order to make the usage of the guide as simple as possible, the navigation is done exclusively with pictograms and the information is only communicated through videos. In addition to the in-depth content of the "Tyrol Panorama and Kaiserjägermuseum," a “Tyrol Map” is also included, which shows the locations of other cultural institutions in Tyrol that are accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.
Project Partner: Sengaroo (Development)
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