Appdesign & -development.

Lina is a sign language dictionary made by Tyroleans for Tyroleans. The app aids hearing impaired people in everyday life, the workplace and in dealing with authorities. With over 19,000 words, it is a tool that allows the user a higher level of confidence and security in communicating with other people. The app also functions in the other direction, and can be used as a tool for those learning sign language.

The App — The 19,000 words are sorted into packages which can be downloaded as needed through in-app purchases. One can view the words at normal and half speed, as well as save words to favourites list. The 19,000 individual video clips are managed by a specially developed content management system.

The Design — Lina derives from the word “lingua,” meaning language. Language connects people, in this case hearing people with non-hearing people. For the design, a clear, yet playful visual language was developed that grabs the attention with the use of just a few elements. For the project, mainly digital applications were created: the design is used in the app, the website, the promotional video and give-aways.

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